LA Residence

existing adu transform to Japanese Suite

A backyard additional dwelling unit transformed into a one bedroom, two bathroom, living room and walk-in closet.

The interior of the suite is made up of Verawood as the flooring and the table, emitting a light airy perfume scent into the space. Whilst the rest of the unit is built and finished with maple plywood.

A small kitchenette is located at the front of the entrance, while the fusuma divides the bedroom area to the public space.

A small kitchenette is featured, sharing the space with the elevated verawood office desk.

  • Key Info

    Location \ Los Angeles, CA

    Type \ Residential Interior Japanese House Design & Woodwork

    Scope \ Living Room, Entryway, Miniature Kitchen, Walk-in closet, Bathrooms

    Status \ Completed