Huntington Residence

turning comfort into a new modern

Limited by the existing structure granted, the existing home of 1,032 sq.ft was approached with steep staircases, low end non-pleasing walls, pathway circulations that ran into one another and the lack of natural light.

The current home’s design approach expanded the space to unconsciously bring in the natural lighting, giving the home a much brighter, more beautiful living than previously offered before.

  • The stream of light when first seeing the powder room gives that ultra cleansing feel, merging the heaven's light with the marble slab wall that reaches from the floor to the ceiling.

The powder room became a first touch meeting point, where a sense of tranquility is achieved.

The kitchen shares the communal space with the living room, inviting a conversation between the two zones.

  • Key Info

    Location \ Monrovia, CA

    Type \ Residential Interior Design, Space Planning, Staging

    Scope \ Kitchen, Bathroom, Living Room, Staircase

    Status \ Ongoing