Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why hire an interior designer?

Interior Designers are the bridge between your vision and making it into a reality. Interior Designers have either a two and or four year degree in the field and experience of executing projects. ANEW’s professional designer delivers results that are feasible and yet fitting to your needs and desires. They are also the main communicators between the carpenters as well as you, therefore a technical aspect of structure and design sense aesthetic knack all has to be addressed for a design job to be done to perfection.
Because they are the visionaries, they are skilled at every phase of the project- from identifying the client’s needs and desires to developing a budget, developing and honing a workable design and even to installation. We know how much effort, energy and money has to be spent on renovating your home, therefore it is best to really visualize the designs before you actually start committing to a design and start building.

Q: How would you describe your design style?

We believe that we are the client’s visionary and that all-in-all friend, therefore we really specialize ourselves into various styles of design. This is some but not at all limited to- modern, contemporary, traditional, and even minimalist. In some cases we see our customer’s desires that are in the aspects of Feng Shui or preferences, in here we really fuse these two items together to make a space that is designed just for you. 
We would like to call ourselves the adapter- where we flexibly work with customer’s visions based on their likes and needs.

Q: What design services do you offer?

Rather than providing just a drawing, ANEW is a design firm that works from the very beginning to the finish of the project. We love to work with projects that start from the space planning phase and all the way to picking out the painting to dazzle a space. In between all of these stages, we like to manage them all so that the end result really is a curated space tailored for our clients. These jobs include working with our spatial designer and woodwork masters, helping with finish selections, color selections, designing custom millwork, selecting out that perfect soap dispenser, to even space planning.

Q: How much do you charge and can you work with my budget?

Typically Interior Designers charge from $50- $250 depending on their versatility and experience. At ANEW, we have various ways of pricing depending on your needs. Although we are considered a full service Interior Design firm, we are also flexible to work with room by room designs as well. Our in house Interior Designers charges $75 per hour for a full Interior Design service, not including materials and furniture purchases. 
For projects that need only a few rooms to design, we have the option of having a design fee per room. Depending on the size and type of the room, our Interior Design fee can range from $450 - $1,500 per room.

Q: How will you present your design concept and ideas?

Typically our design concepts are presented with various drawings, mood boards as well as digital presentations. Here’s a process breakdown of our works:
1. Initial Consultation
This is the phase where we discuss what you would like to work on so that a project scope can be determined.
2. Site Evaluation & Measurement
This is the next stage after the design contract is signed with the initial deposit, where we schedule a day to visit the site and take measurements, evaluate the home’s structural and space planning situation in consideration with the project scope determined.
3. Style / Design Preferences
After the measurements are made, from there we discuss what we would like in terms of style and function based on the project scope determined prior.
During this phase we will be exploring styles that you really love as well as ideas that you love to incorporate into the project.
4. Space Planning Variations Review
Based on the exploration of styles and designs you like, we come up with several design variations of the space plan, materials and finishes so that we can really hone in and make the right design for you. 
5. Design Review with Project Estimation
Based on the versions that we’ve reviewed and you liked, we come up with the final 2 variations of design as well as the project estimation for each variation- so that you can use that to measure your budget and gauge at the project construction timeline.
6. Design is completed and the project is ready to start!

Q: What happens if I don’t like the design?

While this may happen from time to time, we make sure that a smooth and efficient communication is done to overcome the issues in the stages of design and during the design presentations. 
If you see anything that you like, or want to incorporate, don’t hesitate and be afraid to let us know! Feel free to drop us a text message or email to tell us how awesome you found the new idea to be! While it may feel frustrating, we want you to keep in mind that design is an ever changing process, and that getting a good design does take its time to curate the space that is just for you. Be honest about how you are feeling and be open to new ideas.
We love to let our customers really delve into the design process, and through platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram to really find what you love to see and look for. 

Q: Where do you find your inspiration?

We get inspired by many things that are occurring to everyday life, whether it is the mundane, or a vibe that we love to acquire at the moment- that can be from nature, fashion and even books. We like to take these feelings and aspirations and mesh into the designs we present- providing a cleansed palette of lifestyle for our clients to enjoy. 
Take a look at our inspo board below (link or button below)